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The ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards are the Territory’s most prestigious business awards.

They acknowledge the innovation, hard work and success of businesses, large and small, in reaching new global markets. The Awards recognise the important contribution that Australian Capital Territory businesses make to the local economy through job creation and increased prosperity in the community.


Our role

Export Awards 2018 (AIPP Awards).00_04_24_09.Still004

For the past four years we have produced various videos to help promote the awards and to showcase the innovative and successful exporting community in Canberra.

In addition to the production of these videos we have also produced a dynamic multimedia presentation used to announce the finalists and winners at the awards ceremony.

Export Awards 2018 (AIPP Awards).00_04_18_03.Still003

In a period of just two weeks from when the finalists were announced to the awards night, we filmed several hours worth of footage from across the 24 nominated businesses throughout the ACT and the surrounding region. The result was this inspiring video.

Additional bits

Export Awards.00_01_45_06.Still001

In 2016 the ACT Export Awards video received a Gold award from the Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA) at the AIPP Awards.

ACT Export Awards 2018
ACT Export Awards 2016
ACT Export Awards Launch Video 2018